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Lume is the world's best natural deodorant, and the only deodorant for everyone's everything. One application lasts up to three days. That's longer than my last marriage. He was needy. In fact, in a head-to-head study with Native and Schmidt's, Lume controls odor six times longer than both. Lume has no aluminum, no baking soda, and no anthrax. Am I implying other brands have anthrax? Legally, no. And with no baking soda, no rashes. Plus, if you have odor below the belt, Lume works there too. Just put it anywhere that starts with a P: the pits, the privates, the p-feet, the p-butt, the enis.

I think you mean-

Ah. The point is, Lume works everywhere, and for everyone. For the pits, apply like a normal deodorant. For everywhere else, just apply like a lotion. So, if you have odor, and if you don't, yes you do. Click the link to get Lume today. Lume works because it attacks body odor at the actual source, bacteria. Bacteria eats your sweat and fart out an odor, giving you BO and me vomit in my mouth. These flatulent bacteria, they thrive on sweat in any body crease tight enough to hold a pencil: armpits, butt cracks-

But what about-

Yes, man boobs too. Lume stops the bacteria from eating so they cannot fart, solving odor everywhere from the pits to the crotch. With Lume, no more fumy feet, no more funky junk, no more bosom stink, no more puberty.

Wait. Really?

No, no. You'll still be awkward, but you won't smell awkward.


Lume comes in a variety of scents: lavender, sage, jasmine, rose, juniper berry, or unscented, if you like to sneak up on people. Boo. If you're not completely satisfied with Lume, you can send it back for a full refund. Still not convinced? Check out these customer reviews.

My armpits smell like nothing. It's so weird. I love it.

I don't stink for the first time since puberty, and I am 32 years old.

My son's tween BO could be used as a biological weapon. Lume deserves a Nobel Prize.


Rachel, I'm so sorry. Rachel, you're my everything. Living with my parents is hell.


Click the link to get Lume today. Lume, for everyone's everything.
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